Making Money Online : A Few Pounds Here & There

How to make money online

With the current financial climate starting to bite hard, many people are interested in new ways that they can make a bit of cash on the side. Fortunately there are a wide range of options for earning some extra money on the internet, and the beauty of online working is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, and generally at the hours you choose.

Some good ideas to get you started on your hunt for online income opportunities are as follows:

Online Surveys & Cashback Sites

1. Online Surveys

Companies are keen to hear your opinions as part of their market research, and there are various sites which will offer cash for your views. You simply join up, fill out a registration form, and will be sent surveys as and when they suit your registered preferences. Some of these surveys are paid in reward points which can be exchanged for online goods, and others offer cash - often between 10p to £3 depending on the survey type. Try websites such as Global Test Market, Trusted Opinions, Ipsos Mori and

2. Cashback Sites

Cashback sites offer you incentives for simply buying your usual goods online via the cashback site. So for example you might do your Tesco shopping online, or take out home insurance via a site such as or - and every time you carry out a transaction via the sponsored page you'll receive a cash incentive in return.

Sometimes cashback sites give a percentage of spend, or sometimes there's a cash sum - even up to around 75 - for taking out a financial product or signing up to a mobile phone contract for example. These sites are easy to join - again you just fill out a registration form and start collecting your rewards!

Online Competitions & Reviews

3. Online Competitions

Don't forget that online competitions are a possible way of making a bit of extra cash or winning yourself some prizes! Many of these don't require anything more than an answer to a question, or a simple sign up. These would of course be unlikely to provide a regular income stream, but they are fun and low effort - and you may just be lucky!

4. Online Reviews

Providing reviews for music, books and holidays can also net you money on the internet. Again the sums involved are small initially, but if you are a high volume reviewer, you will find they add up quite well. Try websites such as Global Test Surveys, Ciao Paid Surveys and Opinion World. Some of these offer free entry into competitions in return for your survey submissions.

Ebay & The Mystery Shopper

5. Ebay

Ebay is a great, tried method of earning money. It's believed that most people have around £3000 of unwanted possible items to sell laying around the home. Simply join up, spend a little time taking a sellers tutorial and get your items listed!

6. Mystery Shopping

Although not strictly online, there are various excellent online sites which can link you to earning opportunities that you might not have otherwise chanced upon. Mystery shopping is a perfect example, and if you register as a shopper with Retail Eyes, you can get the opportunity to get paid to shop, eat or even stay in a hotel free of charge.